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Structural Engineering Firm


The engineering consulting firm provides professional services across the United States. The organization has a long history of providing expert driven solutions that require custom reports, design liability, and highly specialized technical knowledge in building science.

Despite the organization’s success in the engineering consulting industry, there is a persistent work productivity gap amongst their employees that has occurred over the course of the last four months. When employees document their working hours on a project, they often submit their time worked incorrectly or late. Often, employees do not ask for more billable project work to do when they are finished working on their current project.

During a four-month period, the average billing productivity rate of employees was 57%, with the highest individual rate being 79% and the lowest individual rate being 41%. In addition to the loss of revenue for the company, this creates problems with clients because they are getting billed inaccurately for the time worked on projects. This, in turn, causes harm to the relationship between the organization and its clients.


The proposed solution to the problem was to train employees, using both an instructor-led training and daily microlearning training, on the correct procedures for:

  • documenting accurate, billable project work hours,

  • documenting said work hours in a timely manner, and

  • following the correct procedures for requesting additional billable work when the employee does not have any current billable work to complete.

This is a four-part microlearning learning path that follows the Instructor-Led Training Productivity Toolkit.


Implementation of these procedures in the organization is expected to lead to a 33% increase in productivity, resulting in an end goal of a 90% productivity rate for all employees.